limited-edition photography



Eleven - O - Five


Millennium Blue One

Stadium Reflect Two

Bay Sunset One

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Millennium Cloudy Glow

Stadium Reflect Three

Brutal Curves

Just Letters

Commerce and Industry

Sophia Light Sky

Llandaff Posts

Millennium Rower



Eleven - O - Five

Victory Light Blue

Castle Clock

Stones Cloud Blue

City Hall Lean

Pierhead Imperious

Millennium Blue Reflect

Pierhead Dark

Bay Sunset Two


All fishdragon photographs are unique. Only 100 of each will be produced and all are individually numbered. The photographs have had minimal editing and are printed by a professional photographic lab.

Browse the gallery, and click on the thumbnails to see larger images. Make your choice.  Place your order and your photograph will be delivered to your door within five working days.  

Cardiff has many iconic buildings but they are often photographed without much thought. These 20 photographs make the most of the city's clean light and capture the landmarks from unconventional angles.